6 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Family This Summer

6 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Family This Summer

The sun is out and it’s the perfect weather to gather your family and head outdoors for some activities. Being active is not only healthy for your mind and body, but it’s also an important way for families to spend quality time together and bond. Being active as a family keeps parents in shape and teaches kids to love being outdoors and enjoy exercise, instead of doing leisure activities indoors such as watching television. Here are six activities that you can do outdoors with your children this summer.

1 – Hiking
Most countries in the region have incredibly beautiful nature with undiscovered locations. Hiking is one way to bond with your family, spend the day outside, and discover the beauty of your country. There are also many different levels to choose from, ranging from flat hikes to steep mountain climbing which means you can find a level suitable for you and your family. Hiking also means you get to stop for a picnic and create special family memories.

2 – Beach activities
When you go to the beach, you can spend your time lounging around on your towel or sun lounger, or you can find activities to do with your family! Kids especially love beach volleyball, badminton, or simply throwing a ball to each other. You might build sandcastles or dig a deep hole in the sand. Or challenge your family to find the biggest shell on the beach which will encourage everyone to walk. If you’re fed up of being on the sand, then challenge your kids to see how fast they can swim and see if they can beat their record every time you go to the beach.

3 – Bicycling
Take your bikes or rent some and spend the day cycling as a family. Biking burns lots of calories and builds physical strength, making it a suitable way to exercise for all ages. It’s also is very gentle on the knees and the joints which means it’s safe for people with injuries (though always check with your doctor first!).

4 – Outdoor art
One way to get your kids to be creative outdoors is to buy them some chalk and let them get artistic on the street. Encourage them to draw, color, and create designs. You can draw fun shapes on the ground or play hopscotch as a family. It’s also an easy way to teach young kids about numbers, colors, shapes or simply a way to discover their inner artist. Parents will also love reconnecting with their childhood and enjoy being a kid again.

5 – Water sports
There are so many water sports to choose from for all ages and budgets. Other than swimming and taking walks on the beach together, you can choose from water skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddling boats – and the list goes on. Find an activity that you and your family love to do together. Some of these sports are extremely challenging which means your kids can keep active all summer long until they become a pro. This is also a great way for parents to burn some calories and get a great tan!

6 – Horseback riding
There’s nothing more fun than reconnecting with nature and bonding with animals at the same time. This is a great way to try something new and most kids will be thrilled with the idea of riding. Many horse-riding schools organize entire days out on horseback where the whole family can ride together and explore beautiful nature trails.

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