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Soha WellNess is designed to give you practical information, techniques, tools, and solutions tailored to the Arab world, to help you create a healthy lifestyle and experience overall well-being.

On Soha WellNess, you will find articles, videos, recipes, a directory of natural healthcare providers, testimonials, products, workshops, and events focused on our four pillars: health, nutrition, fitness, and environmental wellness.

We believe that an integrated combination of natural and complementary health solutions, informed food choices, exercise, and green and healthy living- and work environments are key to your health and wellness. All our content and services are available in both Arabic and English.

We trust that on our site you will find both the inspiration to start your path to well-being and the practical tools to help make it happen, and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Soha WellNess is a program conceptualized and managed by EVENTA s.a.r.l.


The Founders

Soha WellNess Founders

Allyson and Nina met each other in early 2017. What initially started as a business relationship turned into a friendship with a shared interest in natural and complementary health therapies.

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